Autumn Newsletter 2022

John Frieda Salons Autumn Newsletter

Glow Lights

The colourists at John Frieda salons have created a beautiful colour technique to create a new dimension of light and glow to your hair colour.

A bespoke technique, tailored exactly to your own hair canvas, Glowlights gives you sophisticated, beautifully defined , expensive hair. Glowlights gives undulating dimension and a soft youthful, blended result.

Your colourist will add delicate pieces of colour, adding a beam of sun kissed light around the face, giving a beautiful luminosity.

The shine is created from a hydrating, reflective glaze which is the second part of the treatment, creating a youthful glow to the hair.

The result is a rich yet low maintenance colour.

“It creates an amazing illumination, it makes hair sparkle


“True to Glowlights form the result was a significantly softer, yet brighter look. Glow Lights certainly Impressed me”

Get the Gloss

“Glowlights, a mix of balayage and highlights to mimic the brightening sun kissed effect you get when your hair has been in the sun”

The Telegraph: Six ways to get glowy hair

Glow to Go

Between appointments reinvigorate the density and richness of your colour with the glow to go treatment adding hydration and vibrant shine, Glow to go will reveal flattering tone and mirror like glossiness.

These new colour services are available NOW at both John Frieda Salons priced from:

Glowlights: £145
Glow to Go: £50

For the months of October and November we are offering:

A complimentary Glow to Go with selected stylists

T & C’s apply: call the salons for more details

Joining Aldford Street salon fresh from the New York John Frieda salon is Eugene Smith .

We are delighted to welcome Eugene to our London family.

We caught up with Eugene to give us a lowdown of his favourite New York hangouts and best hair tips.

What is your signature style?

I am the self proclaimed King of healthy hair. To me beautiful hair begins with the strength and shine of hair.

I love to guide my clients on how to best achieve this with treatments and styling tips.
I give advice on how to day to day care for your hair and create a shiny youthful look to their style.

Healthy hair holds the colour longer and keeps a richness to the colour. My clients are

Where is your favourite New York lunch hangout ?

Balthazar I love the New York staple as it reminds me of my early days here. It is still very much a “scene” but a great place for meetings and such with friends.

The steak frites and the delicious brioche French toast are my usual order. A wonderful place to people watch.

My shopping tip is Goorin brothers, because I love to wear hats. They are a family of hat makers that have built their legacy on unconventional ideas and foolish pursuits to move people forward.

They say: All the fun is in the new, unexpected and bold.
Founded in 1895 they are true artisan hat makers
Worth a visit on your next trip.

My best hair tip is to build a relationship with your stylist this is the key to educating yourself on your hair and creating a custom look for your hair and lifestyle.

Virtue Volume mousse

Mark Smith senior stylist based in our Margaret Street branch…..

The Virtue Volume mousse is my go-to for adding texture and body to fine hair without heaviness.

It does not make the hair flyaway like mousse often can, it leaves the hair really malleable. It’s also great on thicker drier hair as it adds moisture with its hydrating formula, this gives the hair more shine.
my pro tip is to spray along the teeth of a comb and apply to the roots, lifting sections. This makes it easier and gets the product at the roots to give more hold to your style.

Everything we do stems from a true love and admiration for our craft. Together we have forged a kinship and a vision that goes beyond hair.